GitHub Global Campus: Tools for young developers at a glance

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GitHub Global Campus: Tools for young developers at a glance

To bundle its offers for the young developer community at schools and universities, GitHub has set up the new GitHub Global Campus portal. GitHub Education has existed since 2018, offering free access to the Business Plan and GitHub Enterprise with the GitHub Campus Program for schools and universities. The Student Developer Pack tool collection, which has been in existence since 2014, as well as the GitHub Classroom automation tool, which is focused on teachers, have also come under the GitHub Education umbrella – and GitHub is once again expanding the roof with the GitHub Global Campus.

GitHub Global Campus combines the existing school and student programs from GitHub and should also provide a home for future such projects. Current projects include GitHub Classroom, the GitHub Teacher Toolbox, Networking via Campus Expert, den Twitch-Kanal Campus TV as well as the Student Developer Pack. In the Student Developer Pack, which once began with twelve partner companies dozens of companies now their products – some of which are limited in time – available.

GitHub Global Campus

GitHub Global Campus

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To those in Germany Institutions participating in the GitHub Campus Program currently include high schools, universities and vocational colleges. Participation includes access to GitHub Enterprise Server, GitHub Enterprise Cloud, training for teachers on how to use Git and GitHub, and GitHub education tools such as the Student Developer Pack.

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Students can use the GitHub Global Campus if they are approved for the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Admission does not depend on attending an institution that participates in the GitHub Campus Program. Also the individual registration is possible and also includes GitHub Pro, provided that the Requirements described in the docs, such as a minimum age of 13 years and a proven school or university attendance are fulfilled.

More information on GitHub Global Campus offers the GitHub blog.


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