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GitHub Universe: Issues in a new guise and copilot in the IDE

GitHub’s developer conference will once again take place in a purely virtual manner in 2021, but there are still announcements – as in previous years, it is not just about hosting Git repositories, the function seems to have been developed. Instead, the CI / CD functions of GitHub Actions are being refined and the project management functions Issues and Discussions are being expanded.

For GitHub Issues, the place where until now only comparatively unadorned error messages have been collected and commented on, this is the public beta version a generous revision announced. The Kanban board function has been expanded to include many small functions, projects can now be set as public or private and work steps can be assigned to sprints and release cycles.

The Kanban boards are being expanded, work steps can now be assigned to sprints, for example.

(Image: GitHub)

The best example of the new functions is GitHub’s own public roadmap. There is also something new in the second component of the organization tools. Among other things, GitHubs Discussions is getting a poll function, a frequently requested feature. In the future, the discussions will also be available in the GitHub mobile apps for Android and iOS.

In the future there will also be surveys in the discussions.

(Image: GitHub)

The code autocompletion GitHub Copilot is still in the technical preview phase, which was criticized by advocates of free software as a copyright infringement because it also read GPL code for training, which is stored on GitHub. This feature is now found in JetBrains IDEs. In IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm, the AI ​​assistant should be able to suggest code snippets in the future. For Java there will soon also be suggestions for several lines, other languages ​​are to follow. If you want to try Copilot, you have to rely on the Waiting list for the closed beta phase set.

There are also new functions in the security area and in GitHub Actions. The code analysis function CodeQL now also understands Ruby, both in GitHub and in the CodeQL command line application and in the VS code extension. For GitHub Actions users who use their own server as a runner, there is a way to create a Auto-Scaling activate that starts new Kubernetes pods or virtual machines when several actions are to be processed in parallel.

GitHubs Universe conference takes place until October 28, but during typical working hours in the Pacific Daylight Time, PDT (UTC-7). the Recordings of the lectures are also available to look up.

[Update vom 27.10. um 18:05] From now on there is an abbreviation for repos, organizations and functions of the platform in GitHub. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + K (Cmd + K on the Mac) opens a search that is reminiscent of Apple’s Spotlight search. In the search you enter a function or the name of a repo and get to your destination without a mouse.


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