GitLab sends Meltano into the DataOps race

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The providers behind the version management service GitLab have announced the outsourcing of Meltano. As an open source start-up and equipped with start-up funding of 4.2 million US dollars, Meltano is to establish itself as an open platform for data integration. Based on the DevOps principles familiar from software development, Meltano also wants to simplify work for data teams across the entire data lifecycle – as the company name, which is created as an acronym and consists of model, extract, load, transform, analyze, notebook and Orchestrate composed.

GitLab developers started the project internally three years ago as an ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) platform in order to make tools for version control, continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and review available in data science projects close. Meltano also combines the Singer standard for moving data including its library with over 200 connectors maintained by the community with the Data transformation tool dbt and Apache Airflow for orchestration.

Since Meltano was created independently from the last version 14 of the GitLab software, the data integration platform is open to all data engineers, data scientists and business analysts. It should help you to integrate the different tools and to manage their configuration and use in different environments in a central DataOps-enabled project repository. Meltano CEO Douwe Maan wants to use the capital made available by a group of investors to gradually expand the platform’s tools and capabilities. In addition to further data connectors, Meltano users should also be able to use Apache Superset and Metabase for visualization purposes in the future. In addition, support for other orchestration tools such as Dagster or Prefect is to follow.

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Further details on the spin-off and strategic direction of Meltano offers CEO Maan’s blog post. More information on the open source ELT platform can be found on the homepages of the project.


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