Giving money and new expressions, the new thing in Messenger

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Messenger is one of the messaging applications most used by users in the world, either in app format or in its web version. With how fast time passes you will not have noticed, but the app is 10 years old and in Menlo Park they want to celebrate it with new features such as giving money to other users or new surveys to your groups of friends among the many novelties that the firm has put up.

The new Messenger features are here

Every day that passes the developers of the different software companies work on new functions that sooner or later we will see. In Menlo Park they are no exception, least of all they have some of the most important applications in various segments. And is that today Facebook celebrates no less than 10 of Messenger with new functions that we are going to show you next.

Some of them are focused on birthdays, precisely. The first of all is to give money to the users you have as contacts. These will receive a virtual ‘gift’ that you, properly, must open to receive payment of the amount that the other user has put for your gift. It also brings animations to make it look like a party, but to make this transaction you have to be a Facebook Pay user.

Another new feature has to do with the color aspects of the application. That is, we will have at our disposal a new wallpaper with purple and blue balloons, plus augmented reality effects with a birthday candle. On the other hand, thanks to the integration of the Soundmoji you can send a birthday song and also use a message effect to add an explosion of confetti. You can also add effects that are activated when you write a word such as the example we see in the signature blog where it appears that you can write a ‘happy birthday’ and then many giant confetti launchers appear on the screen that appear in the emojis.

Share contacts much faster

Another of the most interesting functions of the Facebook note that opens for the 10th anniversary of Messenger is the new way to share contacts. As the company says, these are very simple steps since you only have to select the contact you want to send from your friends on the social network and touch on share in the chat room of a friend who needs it.


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