Everything About Glenn Fleshler:  True Detective Actor

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Glenn Fleshler has been active in Hollywood since 1993. The actor has appeared in many movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, he never got a lot of attention. Many times, he has been cast into roles that were of little to no significance. That said, things are changing for the actor for good, and he has been gaining more and more notice. Lately, he has been placed into more prominent roles, and his fans are happy. 

Glenn Fleshler is showcasing his talent and theater-acting skills to the world. Here is more about him. 

Who Is Glenn Fleshler? 

Glenn Fleshler is an American actor. He was born on the 5th of September 1968. Currently, he is 54 years old. He has made appearances in many TV shows and movies. On TV, he is known as a recurring cast member of Boardwalk Empire, where Glenn portrayed real-life bootlegger George Remus.

Fleshler was born to a Jewish family. He studied acting at the New York University’s Tisch School of the Performing Arts. He has an MFA.

Glenn Fleshler’s Acting Career 

The actor wasn’t much more than a glorified add-on in TV and movies. Although he began his acting career in 1993, his first major film came out in 1998 when he was cast in A Price Above Rubies. 

Before his big break, the actor only played the guy with black hair or a coffee clerk. The audience could never observe his acting skills for he was always cast as a background actor who sadly did not get much credit for anything besides showing up and making the protagonists look good on the screen. 

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The movie, A Price Above Rubies was his first big hit, where Flesher got a chance to show that he is beyond just a background actor and has real acting talent. In the movie, Glenn played a Jewish father whose wife cheats on him with his brother. When she rejects the brother for another man, he tells his family about the woman’s infidelity. The woman gets ostracized. She later shows that she has changed after which her husband agrees that the custody of their son will be changed so that the woman can be a part of their life. 

Glenn Flesher is an Active Theater Personality 

Like many other actors, Glenn, too, had his time on the stage. Broadway is often considered a gateway for many people to enter the movie industry, and the actor has been a serious part of the same. Glenn has done well to show that he is a dedicated personality and has featured in numerous big hits when it comes to Broadway. 

He has a strong fandom there. 

Who is Glenn Fleshler Married to? 

Although the actor likes to keep everything private, he has been seen with his doting life at several public events. Glenn is happily married to Jocelyn Greene. Not much information is available about Glenn’s wife. 

What is Glenn Fleshler’s Net Worth? 

The actor’s estimated net worth ranges between $1 and $5 million. It includes his assets, money, and other income. The primary source of income for Glenn is his career as an actor. Reportedly, the actor has other sources of income as well. Although Glenn has accumulated good fortune over the years, he prefers living a modest lifestyle, making him different from other actors. 

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Glenn Fleshler’s Movies 

  • A Price Above Rubies 
  • Astronomy of Errors 
  • Garmento 
  • The Shovel 
  • All Good Things 
  • Henry’s Crime 
  • Margaret 
  • God’s Pocket 
  • Delivery Man 
  • Gods Behaving Badly 
  • Blue Jasmine 
  • The Immigrant 
  • A Most Violent Year 
  • The Cobbler 
  • Rock the Kasbah 
  • The Rendezvous 
  • Suburbicon 
  • The Seagull 
  • Irreplaceable You 
  • Joker 
  • High Flying 
  • Clean 
  • Werewolves Within 

Glenn Fleshler’s TV Appearances 

  • Homicide: Life on the Street
  • Sex and the City 
  • The Job 
  • Law and Order 
  • Third Watch 
  • Fringe 
  • Bored to Death 
  • The Good Wife 
  • Damages 
  • Delocated 
  • Boardwalk Empire 
  • Resurrection
  • True Detective 
  • Hannibal
  • Elementary 
  • The Following 
  • The Night of 
  • BrainDead 
  • Billions 
  • Maniac 
  • Waco 
  • Barry 
  • Watchmen 
  • The Twilight Zone 
  • For Life 
  • FBI Most Wanted 
  • The Thing About Pam 

Little Known Facts About Glenn Fleshler 

  • Glenn has played a lot of scary roles in his life. In an interview, the actor revealed that he is being told he is very scary. 
  • Glenn and his wife are parents to a son. Not much information is available about their child. 
  • The actor makes it a point to get into the depth of his character and portray it to perfection. In one of his interviews, he revealed how getting into character really took a toll on him. 
  • He is known for his work as a stage actor and as an impressionist. 
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