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Globoplay Renews 'Dissident Archangel' Amid Crime Thriller Franchise Boom

Globoplay Renews ‘Dissident Archangel’ Amid Crime Thriller Franchise Boom

Globoplay, the freemium streaming service by Brazilian media giant Globo, has announced the renewal of its flagship series “Dissident Archangel” for a fourth season. As Latin America’s largest local streamer, Globoplay is finding success in creating its franchises, particularly with stylish crime action thrillers that challenge the notion of violence within their narratives.

In addition to “Dissident Archangel,” Globoplay has also renewed “Sessão de Terapia,” Brazil’s adaptation of the Israeli original “BeTipul,” for a sixth season. The streaming platform has a strong track record of successful series, with the ER drama “Under Pressure,” which ran for five seasons from 2017 to 2022, and “The Others” and “Rensga Hits!,” both returning with new seasons this year.

A significant factor in the success of Globoplay’s franchises is its collaboration with AfroReggae Audiovisual. This partnership has resulted in three impactful series: “Anti-Kidnapping Unit,” “Dissident Archangel,” and “The Game.” AfroReggae Audiovisual, an offshoot of Grupo Cultural AfroReggae, aims to present alternative pathways for favela residents beyond poverty and violence. All three series, created by AfroReggae Audiovisual CEO José Junior, resonate deeply with Brazilians, addressing their fear of violence and political distrust.

The head of content, drama & documentaries at Globoplay Originals, Alex Madeiros, emphasized the importance of being timely and relevant, mentioning that the production timeline of a show can be as long as two years. The aforementioned series delve into true events and explore the origins of organized crime and corruption in Brazil, making them notable reflections of the country’s societal issues.

Set in the 1990s, “Anti-Kidnapping Unit” focuses on a mostly corrupt squad, while “Dissident Archangel” reimagines Sergeant Mickael leading the Archangel Squad in Rio’s BOPE intervention unit, only to question his superiors’ objectives by the second season. “The Game” traces the violent roots of organized crime in Rio back to the 1970s, showcasing a pivotal soccer game in Ilha Grande Penitentiary. These series are brought to life by some of Brazil’s finest directors, such as Vicente Amorim, Heitor Dhalia, and Matias Mariani, who employ high-style cinematography, impactful soundtracks, and deep thematic explorations.

All three AfroReggae Audiovisual series have proven to be immensely successful. “Anti-Kidnapping Unit” was a major subscription driver for Globoplay, and “Dissident Archangel” significantly influenced Brazilian TV and film, contributing to the rise of similar action shows. As of July 3, “The Game” was Globoplay’s most viewed series.

One key to franchise success, according to Madeiros, is delivering the strongest possible first season. He advises aspiring show creators to focus on fast-paced, engaging scripts, as there is no guarantee of subsequent seasons.

Lucas Paraízo, who contributed extensively to “Under Pressure,” created “The Others,” a dramatic series set in a Rio high-rise condominium. The story begins with a violent incident involving a young boy, spiraling into a web of rape, corruption, and death over 12 episodes, tackling themes like miscommunication and masculinity.

Globoplay’s catalog extends beyond crime action thrillers. “Rensga Hits!” is a humorous, musical tale of two young women striving to succeed in the pop country music industry. The streamer also offers biographical series like “Living on a Razor’s Edge,” a story about Herbert de Souza, an anti-poverty activist under Brazil’s military dictatorship.

The company is set to release more content, including a prequel series to “Monica and Friends,” based on popular Brazilian comics. Additionally, two horror series are in development: one targeting younger audiences with a vampire theme and the other focusing on possession and reincarnation in rural Brazil.

Globoplay continues to expand its international reach. The platform plans to present “Rensga Hits!” as a scripted format to global audiences. While emphasizing Brazilian stories, the company is also exploring international co-production opportunities to diversify its portfolio further.

In an interview with Variety, Madeiros discussed “The Game” as a “super production,” referencing its large scale, multiple locations, and intricate storytelling. The series blends real-life events with metaphorical themes, featuring a significant ensemble cast that is primarily Black. The interconnected worlds of AfroReggae series create an “Afroverso,” making the series appear more credible and engaging.

Globoplay maintains a balanced content portfolio, appealing to diverse audiences while introducing unique, niche content. As part of the larger Globo ecosystem, the platform also features live sports, music events, and popular telenovelas. Looking ahead, Globoplay aims to continue delivering high-quality drama and expanding its international collaborations.

Source: Variety