Gloria Estefan, victim of sexual abuse at age 9: the singer’s full testimony

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With a successful musical career that has led her to sell more than 75 million records worldwide, singer Gloria Fajardo García, also known as Gloria Estefan She is one of the most famous artists in the music industry and is also noted for being a prosperous businesswoman. Something that caught the attention of many people was the disclosure that he made about a sexual abuse that he suffered.

This is would have occurred when the interpreter of “Hoy” was 9 years old and the person responsible for the attack was a person close to her family environment.

The revelation occurred in the meeting that the singer had with her daughter and her niece in the program of Facebook Watch “Red Table Talk: The Estefans”.

On September 1, 1957, the singer was born Gloria Stefan in the city of Havana (Cuba), a small granddaughter of Asturian emigrants. When she was a little over a year old, her family decided to leave Cuba and settle in Miami (United States).

Thanks to his great talent and trajectory Gloria Estefan has managed to sell more than 75 million records worldwide, in addition to obtaining important awards, including seven Grammy awards. That is why she has been considered one of the most popular Latin artists and one of the representatives of Latin rhythms in the United States.

Another of the awards that the singer has achieved is having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

According to the information provided by the , this was revealed on September 30 in an episode of “Betrayed by Trusted Adults” where Gloria Estefan she was invited to share her own experience of the sexual abuse of which she was a victim.

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The singer commented that this happened at the hands of a person close to the family. To everyone’s surprise this story was not warned to the producers of the program, because Estefan never said that he would reveal his story in this episode on Thursday.

I was 9 years old when this happened and it was someone my mom trusted. He was family, but not close family. He was in a position of power because I was enrolled in his music school and he immediately started telling her how talented I was and that I needed special attention, and she felt lucky that he was focusing this kind of attention on me. ” (…) He would say: ‘Oh, you’re very good at this. Let me show you. ‘ It starts small, and then everything happens quickly“Said the singer according to .

Before recounting this fact, the singer pointed out that “93 percent of abused children know and trust their abusers, and I know this because I was one of them”.

With this message, Estefan received the support of her daughter and her niece, taking all three of her hands, giving way to the revelation that surprised thousands of followers.

Although he related the she did not name her attacker, but did comment on how she tried to avoid that situation.

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