Gloria Trevi: who is Ángel Gómez, the son of the singer who is also dedicated to music

Who is Ángel Gómez? It is the son of Gloria Trevi that follows in the footsteps in music, but that few of the followers of the pop celebrity knew. The young man is working to make a name for himself in the industry in Mexico, with the blessing of his mother, one of the international pop stars who has a complicated life history, especially when she was imprisoned.

Gloria de los Angeles Treviño Ruiz is the full name of the artist who, in addition to her talent with the voice, is actress, model, businesswoman and producer. He was born on February 15, 1968, so, in 2022, he will fulfill 54 years.

His career began in 1989. Three years earlier, the native of Monterrey moved to Mexico City to make a path in the world of music. Thus, he began with the group Boquitas Pintadas, from the hand of Sergio Andrade. In this way, a trajectory that includes discos, films and TV soaps.

However, despite the success, she was embroiled in an accusation of kidnapping and corruption of minors, along with producer Sergio Andrade, according to local media, for which she had to spend three years in prison until she was acquitted and released in 2004.

Ángel Gómez is the son of Gloria TreI saw that he was born in a Brasilia prison, on Brazil, because the singer was serving a sentence in 2002. The young man has now served 19 years And he has all his efforts focused on his musical career, to become someone greater than his mother, according to his statements.

“I’ve always thought about how to get rid of people thinking that I am Gloria Trevi’s son, but I want them to tell her that she is ‘the mother of’. I know it won’t be easy, but I want to be better than her. I’m going to put all the effort until it comes out. “he told Chic Magazine.

The promise of music has already released a single, entitled “If I find you alone”, In 2019, with Trevi’s blessing. Similarly, in 2020, he released “Kisses less” and “No title”. You are an active user in social networks and, above all, in YouTube, where you upload your music and other types of content.

After the aforementioned events, in 2000 Gloria Trevi and Sergio Andrade they were arrested in Brazil. The music producer was sentenced to 7 years and 10 months in prison for the crimes of kidnapping, aggravated rape and corruption of minors to the detriment of Karina Yapor. On the other hand, Trevi and Raquenel Portillo were sentenced to four years and 8 months in jail.

Over the years and after having served her sanction, Trevi has responded to her detractors, who say that she was also part of the abuses perpetrated by Sergio Andrade.

“Well, the truth is stripped of me (laughs) I think that for many people that really affects them, but with my reputation, with my name, with my image, based on lies, they did what they wanted to me and They did not destroy me, I firmly believe in the saying of ‘a pig’s shrieks, butcher’s ears’ “, commented in 2018 to “El Universal”.

“It is very sad that few artists can speak as knowingly as I can; However, for those same defamations and slander and how they distort things and because you always want the victim to be the culprit, if she is a woman, if because they beat her it is because she left and is an idiot or if because she defended herself she is a ‘fucking old woman bitch ‘always have to blame the woman “added.

During your visit to Spain singer Gloria Trevi He gave an interview to the Espejo Público program where nothing was silent and recalled the stage of his life when he passed behind bars. Another of the topics covered was his return to the world of music.

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