Gmail: how to create and send a confidential email

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Gmail It appears to be a simple application that only serves to send emails to one or more people, however, the platform belonging to Google hides numerous functions that many do not yet know and that are found inside its configurations. One of them is the tool that allows us to send confidential emails. What does this mean? In the following note we will explain it in detail.

Every application brings something new when it is updated and Gmail he is no stranger to it. Although its new functions are not found with the naked eye like any application, searching a bit among its configurations we can discover things that will really leave us with our mouths open.

It is not enough to write in the subject of an email from Gmail that it is something confidential when we are about to write a message, if not, it consists of sending content that will be automatically deleted from the internet at a certain time. This period will be chosen by us and even so the recipient does not agree that it is eliminated, there will be no going back and there will be no evidence of the mail.

Then, for greater security, where it says “Require password” we have to select the option “Password by SMS” and write the phone number of the person to whom we want to send the email, what does this mean? that the recipient will have to attach a code that will arrive by SMS so that they can open the message. Finally, we click “Save” and then send the email.

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You also have the opportunity to be able to schedule a message in Gmail without the need for alternate programs.

Do you have problems with Gmail? If the platform works slow or does not load correctly, click and follow all the steps to solve the problem. In case these solutions have not worked, consult the to see if there are any known issues with Gmail.

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