Gmail is down; Google’s email service has stopped working

What a way to start the day Google has had one of its most popular services. If you are a Gmail user, you may have encountered problems, service failures and other errors, since Google’s email client is down and presents errors of various types, and others such as the search engine are not fine either.

Google down

As we see in Down Detector, Gmail started experiencing problems starting at 9 this morning, for later soar error reports from 09:39. According to these reports, the failures in the service range from not receiving incoming emails to not being able to send emails, compose new ones or not being able to attach anything to an email.

There are people for whom the service works, both on the web and through the mobile application, but not for others. In Spain, the ruling is concentrated especially in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Zaragoza, but also in various areas of Andalusia, Galicia, the Basque Country and the very famous island of La Palma these days.

We will be attentive to see when the situation improves or if the problem persists.


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