Gmail: the trick to activate the read receipt for emails

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Gmail It was created in 2004 and quickly became the best email platform, dethroning Yahoo! Hotmail and now the latest Outlook. Likewise, with each update, this application has added very useful tools such as: undoing the sending of messages, scheduling emails, reading them offline, inbox, etc. Unfortunately, the functions are not known because they are hidden among the settings as well as the option to add the read confirmation to the messages you send, something that we will teach you in this note.

Not only is it possible to see the reading confirmation in applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social networks that have the system to send instant messages to one or more people, but also Gmail gives you the possibility to know when and at what time they have read the email you sent.

It is important to clarify that this tool is only available in the version of Gmail for computer or laptop, not in the mobile app yet. In addition, it is only possible to reach this configuration if you have a business or educational company account.

When the recipient has opened the email you sent, automatically when you enter the said message from your account Gmail, the following notice will appear: “The recipient has read this message. Date and time when read this message: 08/20/2021 / 18:00 show confirmation.

Do you have problems with Gmail? If the platform works slow or does not load correctly, click and follow all the steps to solve the problem. In case these solutions have not worked, consult the to see if there are any known issues with Gmail.

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