Gmail: these are the three new statuses that were included in the app’s chat

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How active? Gmail integrated Google Meet and Rooms into its platform for Android and iOS smartphones a long time ago. Now last, it included Google Chat, a communication software to send direct messages or create rooms to chat with several people. This app comes renewed and with three types of different states that we will show you in the next note.

When we wanted to chat on Gmail we did it through Hangouts; However, now you can do it through Google Chat, which has implemented three types of status that its predecessor did not have available, these are: “Active”, “Do not interrupt” or “Do not disturb” and “Set as absent”.

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Hangouts on the left and Google Chat on the right (Photo: MAG)

Surely you are wondering: What are these states for? o How could I use them? The basic function is to know if you are busy or available to answer the messages, in such a way that if a person writes you urgently, they will know what your current status is.

Automatic: When you are online or using Google Chat within Gmail, it will appear as Automatic mode (Available); However, if we are not active for 2 minutes or more, the application automatically places us in the absent mode. Do not disturb: The function of this mode is to tell your contacts that due to a work issue you will not be able to answer the messages. Here we will choose this mode between 30 minutes up to 8 hours. Set to absent: If you are not using the application you will appear as absent, likewise, if you are using Gmail or Google Chat in the same way you can activate it and appear as absent and even continue chatting.

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First we have to open Gmail from our mobile device, it does not matter if the operating system is Android or iOS (iPhone). As we can see at the bottom appears “Mail” and “Meet”.

Now, we go to the three lines that are in the upper left part of the application, a new window will open and we have to click on “Settings” which has the icon of a cogwheel or gear.

Route to activate Google Chat (Photo: MAG / Gmail)

In this part another window will open where we have to check the box that says “Show Chat and Rooms tabs”, after pressing it now new options will appear at the bottom of Gmail, these are: “Mail”, “Chat” , “Rooms” and “Meet”. We click on “Chat” and now we can chat from Google Chat in Gmail.

Route to activate Google Chat (Photo: MAG / Gmail) .

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