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GMA's Robin Roberts, 63, Bids Heartfelt Goodbye: 'What a Way to End'

GMA’s Robin Roberts, 63, Bids Heartfelt Goodbye: ‘What a Way to End’

Robin Roberts recently bid farewell to Portugal after a memorable stay away from her Good Morning America duties. The popular morning show host enjoyed a blend of work and leisure during her trip alongside her wife, Amber Laign.

Robin and Amber got to experience the beautiful culture of Portugal firsthand. On Instagram, Robin shared a heartfelt post featuring a video of Amber dancing while a band played in the background. She captioned it: “What a way to end our magical Portugal adventure! We’re coming home filled with many wonderful memories …the spectacular scenery, delicious food, incredible wine and all the kind people we met along the way. Obrigada!!” The couple truly immersed themselves in the local sights, flavors, and experiences, spending one week working and another week vacationing.

Amber gave followers a peek into their relaxation time, sharing a video of herself sunbathing on a boat. She encouraged her fans, particularly the followers of her Plant Juice Oils page, to “embrace the Simplicity. Ladies, in the hustle and bustle of life, it’s crucial to carve out time for yourself.” This message resonated with many, highlighting the importance of self-care, even amidst busy schedules.

Back in the United States, viewers noticed Robin’s absence from Good Morning America. Various anchors filled in during her time away. Despite this, it was evident that Robin and Amber cherished the quality time spent together, a welcome break from their typically hectic routines.

The trip also coincided with an important chapter in their relationship. Robin and Amber were married in September 2023, after being together for 18 years. The intimate ceremony took place in their Connecticut backyard, surrounded by close friends and family. Among the attendees were Robin’s Good Morning America co-stars Michael Strahan, Lara Spencer, Jennifer Ashton, and Ginger Zee, along with other notable guests such as ABC News anchor Deborah Roberts and her husband, Today anchor Al Roker. This event showcased the strong bonds Robin shares with her colleagues both on and off the set.

The journey of Robin and Amber’s relationship is a testament to enduring love. They were set up on a blind date nearly two decades ago. Robin later admitted she almost canceled the date several times but decided to go through with it, a decision that changed their lives forever. Since then, they have been unwavering pillars of support for one another.

Robin publicly announced their engagement a few months ahead of their wedding. In an emotional moment, she shared her New Year’s resolution to embrace new things, revealing to author Gabby Bernstein during a conversation that she and Amber were indeed planning to marry. Robin expressed her initial hesitation about announcing it publicly but eventually revealed: “I’m saying yes to marriage, we’re getting married this year.” This revelation was met with excitement and joy from fans and friends alike.

During their time in Portugal, Robin even managed to mix some business with pleasure, taking work calls from stunning beach locations. It’s clear that, even while on a well-deserved break, Robin continues to balance her dedication to work with personal happiness.

Robin and Amber’s return to New York marks the end of an unforgettable chapter in their adventure-filled lives. They bring back with them not only countless beautiful memories but also a reminder of what it means to balance life and love, work and relaxation.

Source: Particle News, Instagram, Getty Images