Go the Bear! Don’t miss the Simpsons marathon for the arrival of Star +

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Get ready to live fun hours with Homer. Star + arrives in Latin America and celebrate it in style with a marathon The Simpson this Sunday, August 29, we will be able to enjoy theThe first chapters of all seasons of this adult animation.

You sure know who are the simpsons, we mean that famous cartoon created by Matt Groening in 1989 and that has already been on the air for no more and no less than 32 seasons. Now, finally we will have it in streaming to enjoy it as many times as we want.

The public was not at all satisfied when, upon the arrival of Disney+, we found that only 2 seasons of the most famous yellow family in the world were available. But our prayers were heard and Star + will arrive in our countries with the entire catalog of The Simpson.

Let the marathon begin: The best episodes of The Simpsons

It is said that the first impression is what counts, which is why the first episodes of all seasons are usually between the best episodes of The Simpson and Star Channel you know it, that’s why you decided to do a marathon with the first chapters of the 31 seasons that will be available from August 31.

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The wave of episodes It will take place on Sunday, August 29 from 11 AM, Mexico time, until midnight. A whole day in Spingfield!

Among the chapters that we can enjoy in this simpsonian megamarathon are episodes like:

  • “La Casita del Horror VII”
  • “Who Killed Mr. Burns ?, Part 2”
  • “The Homer’s Quartet”
  • “Bart is not dead”

And of course we could not have a marathon of first episodes without having the chapter that started it all: “The Simpsons in the Crossfire”, where Homer Simpson He has a feeling after learning that the Christmas bonus was canceled and decides to bet on dog races.

The night will close at 11.30 PM with the first episode of season 31, “The Winter of Our Monetized Content” a prelude to the arrival of the new season.

When the new season of The Simpsons premieres

This marathon of The Simpson It will not only arrive to celebrate the arrival of Star +, because this streaming platform comes with good news. The new season of The Simpson It will premiere on August 31 on this online service.

So you can build your own the simpsons party to see all the chapters of the new season in one fell swoop. Meanwhile, do not miss the marathon of The Simpson, First the First, this Sunday in Star Channel.

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