God of War director defends accessibility in Dark Souls-like games

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Tamoor Hussain, editor at GameSpot, has written an extensive thread on the subject of difficulty in games like Dark Souls. The journalist argues that these titles go beyond this aspect, something in which Cory Barlog has also agreed. The director of God of War has expressed his point of view and has made clear the importance of accessibility, even in titles where difficulty is a main ingredient.

“I hate when From Software games are cited in discussions against creating accessible or even easier games. I think using Souls, Bloodborne or Sekiro for that purpose is an insult to video games and the people who made them. Simply shows little understanding they have about what makes them special ”, publishes Hussain. That comment has received a response from Barlog himself.

The response from the director of God of War

“It’s like someone saying they like to build a building because it only has stairs. An elevator or ramps would make it too easy. Then simply take the stairs and ignore the elevator and ramps. The enjoyment is still there, only now it’s accessible to everyone instead of just a few. ” The creative then clarified that the elevator is not a metaphor for an easy way, but for an accessibility option. He has also said that “no one is against the challenge.” It recognizes that it is a key ingredient, “but not the only one.”

Cory Barlog is currently working on God of War: Ragnarok (codename), a title that will be released on PS4 and PS5. It is scheduled for 2022, although they have not yet revealed a more specific date. In the announcement of the latest State of Play, Sony confirmed that there would be news soon. A matter of time, it only remains to wait.

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