God of War: Ragnarok has a new director, and Cory Barlog is working on projects to be announced

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Cory Barlog has revealed that he will not return to direct the next God of War: Ragnarök, created by Santa Monica Studio. Instead, The latest installment of God of War will feature veteran of the saga, Eric Williams, in the director’s seat. For its part, Barlog will go to work in other unannounced projects.

In an interview broadcast as part of the recent PlayStation Showcase, Santa Monica Studios couple Cory Barlog and Eric Willaims, confirmed the reorganization in the leadership of the new title, explaining that the change of directors has always been a characteristic of how things are done in the studio.

“It has always been a tradition here in Santa Monica, to change directors at games.”said Williams, who has been with the study since 2004. “We’ve had great success with that. Cory is the only repeat director and, you know, rightly so: he’s pretty good at what he does. “.

Barlog further expanded the information on the decision of the study of changing directors between iterations of the franchise, and spoke further about the need for new perspectives and the tolerance that the direction of a game can have como God of War In a person.

“The important thing for us is have a fresh perspective every time, but also a fresh pair of legs in the sense that you are really exhausted when you finish one of these things. So you have to scam someone else into doing it, like him. “said the creative.

Elsewhere in the interview, Barlog He was hesitant to offer much information about what he is doing instead of working on God of War: Ragnarök. When asked about the projects he’s working on, the creative director of the Sony Santa Monica studio said: “Oh, you would like that, wouldn’t you? You would like me to tell you everything that is happening right now. In fact, we’re doing a lot of things, it’s really exciting … but I don’t really have anything I can talk about at the moment specifically, mainly because we’re really focused on God of War Ragnarök. “.

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Remember that God of War: Ragnarök will be released in 2022 for both PS4 and PS5. However, a more specific release date was not offered yesterday.

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