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God of War Ragnarok Introduces the Looks of Various Characters: Thor, Freya, Sindri, Brok, and More

God of War Ragnarok has been one of the great sensations of the last PlayStation Showcase. Sony’s new work Santa Monica showed for the first time what it looks like in real time. The trailer had some surprises, such as the aspect of the God of Thunder, which only revealed his mythical hammer. Thanks to its art director, Raf Grassetti, we have seen what it looks like … and the result will not go unnoticed.

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This is what some of the God of War Ragnarok characters look like

As you can see in the tweet under this paragraph, the Thor the God of War leave behind the blonde look that many have in mind. His enormous belly is almost the only part of the body that his armor reveals, besides the head. We see him looking scruffy, in that wild state that you imagine when you try to think about the game universe.

To those already known Kratos and Atreus (the latter somewhat more involved in years than in the last installment), we see the new version of the blacksmiths Brok and Sindri, who will put their forge at the disposal of the main duo. We can also see Durlin, who will be part of the cast of faces that will have an impact on the story.

Freya you will not miss an opportunity either. During the trailer we can see her turning into an eagle hovering over Kratos. There are subtle changes in its design that you can see in the gif that the following tweet presents.

When can we see him again? The company calls us “in the near future” to learn more details about the adventure. It still does not have a specific release date, except that it will appear sometime in 2022. It will debut from day one on PS5 and PS4.

Source: Raf Grassetti en Twitter


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