God of War Ragnarok will be the last of the saga set in Norse mythology

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God of War Ragnarok will continue the story of Kratos and Atreus on PS5 and PS4 (no confirmed release date yet), but also It will be the last game in the saga set in Norse mythology. This was revealed by both Eric Williams, the director of the game who has just replaced Cory Barlog, and Helmen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios in the broadcast that took place after the completion of the PlayStation Showcase.

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In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the end of the world battle, fought between gods and giants. So the question was clear: what role will it play in the story of this new installment? And even clearer was Williams, assuring that “it is something that is going to happen, because there is no point in calling the game God of War Ragnarok if there is no Ragnarok; we are going to culminate the nordic series with him

God of War Ragnarok: The Legacy of Atreus

Not many details have been shared about the story. However, we know that Atreus will have much more prominence than in the first installment; God of War Ragnarok happens several years after the events of the original 2018 title and has introduced us to its two antagonists: Thor, the god of thunder and strength in Norse mythology and Freya, the witch we already know well enough by now, since she became our main ally during part of the trip to the top of the mountain. One of the keys to the argument will be to discover “the true legacy of Atreus”, according to a brief official synopsis that we have to date.

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God of War Ragnarok is coming to PS5 and PS4, but it does not have a confirmed release date yet.

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