Golden Sun turns 20; the JRPGs that got us excited at GBA

Golden Sun turns 20;  the JRPGs that got us excited at GBA

Golden Sun has turned twenty years this August 1, 2021. It was said day, in 2001, when Nintendo originally published in Japan the first installment of the Camelot Software Planning saga, known mainly for their role in Mario Golf and Mario Tennis. Lovers of the JRPG – an imprint that was also made clear in the sports deliveries of both series for GBC and GBA -, the team of Shugo Takahashi embarked on one of the most ambitious projects de Game Boy Advance.

Because both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age make up a single video game, two books from which we learned the values ​​of the Psinergia, the alchemy, the creatures Djinn and a huge world full of dungeons, secrets and a mission: save the world.

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Golden Sun and its sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, originally released on the Game Boy Advance, can now also be found on Wii U via the eShop; although without its remarkable original translation into Spanish. The reason why we resort to the qualifier of ambition to define this series is none other than its search for versatility. Nothing failed. Apart from what it supposed as JRPG, with a mechanical simplicity wrapped in an enormous strategic depth thanks to the DjinnHe wanted our relationship with the environment to go beyond the contemplative.

Golden Sun, 20 years since the birth of Weyard

The abilities of the characters made us move elements of the environment, discover the thoughts of other characters, scale unreachable areas, freeze the water or carry out spectacular techniques in combat. His perspective, which at times was reminiscent of SNES mode 7, and a graphic section that endures the type like few on the console two decades later, gave the hand to an excellent soundtrack by Motoi Sakuraba and a very artistic direction. colorful and attractive; The edge Fumihide Aoki Y Hiroshi Yamauchi.

Such was the relationship between both deliveries that we could pass (via Cable-Link) the progress of the first cartridge to that of The Lost Age as soon as we started. And up to here we are going to read, because the story that we are told caught you from the first moment. All this on a portable console like Game Boy Advance.

The future of the series was not so encouraging, however. Nintendo DS gave us one more installment, the third, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for Nintendo DS (2010), but it did not garner the same support as the originals. It is thirty years after the end of The Dark Ages, but that what happened after? it was not enough to reach the quality of its predecessors, on many levels, although it did narrate what happened decades later.

We do not know what Nintendo’s plans are with the brand at the moment. That concerns an eventual fourth installment, a remake (many dream of something akin to Dragon Quest III) or a re-release of the original GBA games on Nintendo Switch via eShop. The latter would allow players who have an interest in discovering the series to enter first-person, as well as preserve a legacy closely linked to Nintendo in ancient times.

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