Goldfish released from US reservoirs grow to the size of rugby balls and disrupt local ecosystems

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The authorities of the city of Burnsville (state of Minnesota, USA) they asked last Friday to the population on their Twitter account to stop throwing the fish from their aquariums into reservoirs, because these animals grow to sizes too large (sometimes similar to that of American football balls) and damage the local ecosystem.

“Please do not release your fish in ponds and lakes! They grow larger than you think and contribute to poor water quality by cleaning sediment from the bottom and uprooting plants,” they wrote, in addition to attaching several photographs of the animals. .

The local government, together with a company specializing in water pest control, began studying the goldfish population in the nearby lake after residents complained of a possible pest.

It should be noted that a goldfish released into freshwater becomes an invasive species It can reproduce quickly, kill native species, destroy habitat, and even survive harsh winters. “Goldfish have the ability to dramatically change the quality of the water, which can be a chain of impacts for plants and other animals“said Caleb Ashling, a natural resources specialist from Burnsville, aforementioned por The Washington Post. “They are a great concern”, the expert pointed out.

In Carver County, near Burnsville, these tents invaded several lakes for at least two years. Last year, local workers drew from the water between 30,000 and 50,000 fish in one day. According to the authorities, the origin of the problem could be that people continuously dumped these species into the water.

The presence of large populations of these animals is becoming a regional challenge in the US. For example, Washington and Virginia state authorities warned their residents against releasing fish that had previously lived in an aquarium.

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