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Good sleep lengthens sports life

Madrid, Sep 17 (EFE) .- We spend 25 years of our lives sleeping, which makes sleep a differential factor. Especially for athletes, who, increasingly, begin to invest their resources in understanding and improving it.

Able to better recover from an injury and extend sports life, Álvaro Ruiz, CEO of BioRest System, analyzes at Efe the technology applied to rest systems and the growth of the industry.

“Technology for sports and health has evolved a lot in recent years, sports nutrition and recovery systems have improved, with Biorest we want this technological health treatment to be available to everyone so that anyone can benefit from this new system, improving sports performance and lengthening it for an affordable price, “he assures Efe.

A technology that was born from NASA and its use of wavelengths – the distance between the crests each wave, which carries energy through space. They discovered that the heat emitted by bodies could be recycled by returning it to it at a different wavelength that activates certain determining physiological processes to improve and extend the quality of life. And this has been transferred to rest systems thanks to nanotechnology.

“In addition, we have added a plus of environmental responsibility, manufacturing our system with organic soy viscoelastic”, adds Álvaro Ruiz about a system in which seven years of research and an investment of more than five million euros were invested.

Atlético Marcos Llorente midfielder, Real Madrid Brazilian defender Marcelo and even LeBron James, who recognized that his ‘secret’ to extend his career in the NBA’s elite is that he invests a million dollars in different recovery systems and processes of injuries, are some of the names that know well what their benefits consist of.

“It speeds up the recovery process after training or playing a game by 90 percent, reduces lactic acid production, increases muscle tone by more than 90 percent, improves circulation and oxygen levels, and reduces the risk of injuries and accelerates their recovery “, Álvaro Ruiz points out about his rest systems.

“And very importantly, it improves cellular metabolism, increasing the level of vital energy, and reducing the impact of some of the main causes of aging, he adds.

The sleep industry evolves day by day and this is because, according to Lorena Torres, a performance specialist at the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) and advisor to the rest company HOGO, “is one of the strategies of most important recovery that athletes have, in addition to anticipating injuries “.

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