Goodbye Jacob Elordi: Joey King does not want to know anything more with the actor

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In 2018, Netflix released what would be the first film in a very successful trilogy: The Kisses Stand. With Joey King as the main character they completed the cast Jacob Elordi and Joel Courtney as her co-stars. And, it was this Wednesday, August 11, when the platform closed the story of this controversial trio that enchanted thousands of teenagers around the world.

The official photo of The Kisses Stand 3. Photo: (Netflix)

However, what fans liked the most about The Kisses Stand is that the love of the protagonists, Joey King and Elordi, crossed the screen. For a year, the performers of Noah and Elle were the young Hollywood couple most loved and sought after by the paparazzi. “We were open books with each other”, She came to confess about the incredible bond they formed.

Still, the happiness was short-lived and today, everyone is on their own. For his part, King is in a relationship with Steven Piet, while Elordi is deeply in love with Kaia Gerber. However, the separation and their new romances did not prevent them from working together again since in The Kisses Stand 2 and 3 met again.

Jacob Elordi and Joey King in The Kissing Stand 2. Photo: (Netflix)

Jacob Elordi and Joey King in The Kissing Stand 2. Photo: (Netflix)

At first it came to be believed that, due to their breakup, Jacob had said no to being Noah Flynn again. But, the Australian actor surprised his fans and was one of the first to celebrate the renewal. And, the chemistry and good relationship that both actors showed in front of the camera was one of the things that demonstrated their professionalism.

But now, what got a lot of attention is what happened when the cameras weren’t on. Hours before the premiere of the third tape, Jacob Elordi He declared his love and admiration for his partner and, despite the wishes of all the viewers, he did not receive any response.

Likewise, everything indicates that Joey does not want to know anything more about being linked in the least way with Elordi. It is that, also hours before the great premiere, he was publishing some content on Instagram behind the scenes and he only appears in one of the videos that she shared.

During their courtship, the actors were very exposed to the public eye since they were at the height of their careers. In fact, this would have been one of the reasons for their separation and, apparently, now they do not want their presumed friendship to be taken the other way as well. In addition, all the exposure that they lived as a couple led them to have a great learning.

Just as it happened to Matt Damon, now the protagonists of The Kisses Stand they prefer to have a much lower profile. She, along with Steven Piet, rarely shared images on social networks and is not related to talking about him on camera. Then, Elordi, despite the fact that in his relationship with Zendaya he was the target of all the headlines, now with Gerber he does not expose himself more.


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