Goodbye to Google Titan Bluetooth identifiers

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Identifying yourself in a social network or service on the Internet is very normal, but these are not the only place where you need an identification. The different electronic devices that store important information also need this type of more severe access and for that it is not only valid with a username and a password, you will also need something else. That’s what identification keys like T’s are forGoogle’s itan of those that will stop manufacturing the Bluetooth model.

Goodbye to Google’s Titan Bluetooth

Identification keys contain the profile information of a user. This is the key point, as it works like the pass card to use any device. Its use is as simple as connecting them to the computer where they have to start the session and the credentials are automatically updated so that you do not have access to everything you have in the cloud.

This is how Google’s Titan keys work, to which an extra function should be placed with which you can mount the data without problems. We are not talking about the USB inputs that they incorporate, but about the wireless connections they have. In this case we are talking about NFC, which will be the model that will remain in force in the future since Google has decided to stop the production of the Bluetooth model. This is how the firm comments in its blog, where it states that “since NFC functionality is now compatible with a wide range of Android phones and iPhones, we are discontinuing the Titan Bluetooth Security Key and focusing on the easier and more widely available NFC capability.”

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This transition should not catch anyone by surprise as more and more users are taking NFC function match, especially when paying with your mobile phone. In this case, it is a gateway that connects the computer to the external device with the identification and what it does is transfer it from one to another. But in this case, the model with Bluetooth will disappear because it becomes somewhat obsolete in the presence of NFC.

Will the same thing happen with mobiles?

Maybe the fact that Google remove the braces Titan with Bluetooth set off alarms for more than one. But we must be calm, since it is an evolution in this case. Smartphones are more complex and require more technologies to work, so both will coexist on mobile devices for a long time.


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