Goodbye to the blue screen of death in Windows 11, what’s the new color?

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Any user of a Windows 10 PC expects their machine to be totally reliable. It is the least of it as a consumer, but this does not mean that the terminal is infallible or that its components do not break down at some point. And this not only relates to the hardware, it also involves the software. In the case of operating systems, we find the errors that sometimes make you put your hands to your head. Here we include Windows 10 screens of death where Microsoft will change the color of one of them.

Goodbye to the blue screen of death

We hope it never happened to you, but Windows 10 has multiple screens of death. Each one has its meaning, but if there is one that stands out from the rest due to its popularity, it is the blue one. This is the one that warns you of an unexpected error in the system, so it will restart in a matter of seconds. Luckily, it is not a serious failure, but if you were working, your progress may suffer if you did not record it at the time.

The appearance of this screen will still be present on Redmond operating systems, but in Windows 11 we will see how the blue screen of death changes its color. Not that this one has multiple colors now, it will simply change the blue to black. In fact, this will be your most significant change as you will have the sad character face followed by the classic announcement that the computer has had an unexpected error and is doing a data dump. Fortunately, the process only takes a few seconds and then the computer restarts again. Yes indeed, the QR code, which was its last change since 2016, will continue to be written in blue.

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A visual change?

We have known for two weeks that Windows 11 is official and there are many things that change within the new operating system. Improvements are incorporated at the aesthetic level and this may be one of them that we did not know until now. Many wonder about this curious change in which we will see the blue screen of death in black and in The Verge They point to this visual revision and restructuring of the operating system. This is just a theory, so the Redmond will give some explanation later early.


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