Google Calendar will let you talk to event attendees directly

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Calendars and agendas are very helpful for all those who want to order their day to day. No matter the objective, the important thing is to write down all the news and important events that you have throughout the day by week or months in sight. But when it comes to important meetings, you also need to know who the members are and talk to them when you need to. That’s why Google makes things easier for you with new Calendar feature to talk to members without leaving the app.

Talk to people in a meeting from Calendar

One of the most important applications that Google has is Calendar. The reason is simple and is that it is the function that allows you to organize your life both at work and personal level. It will not only help you to write down important birthdays or appointments, but also to define a time and place for your work meetings. And is that if the rest of your colleagues use the same tool you will get more out of it, especially thanks to the function that big G has in his hands.

According to what counts The Verge in its lines, The new Chat button appears next to the attendee list in a Calendar event. This means that it is much easier for you to contact all the members of the meeting when you need to, even if you need to set up the meeting much earlier than expected with each and every one of them.

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Of course, to do the latter of conducting the online meeting you have the button at the top to make the video call, although it is best that you speak with the group members beforehand in order to know their position on that decision.

Simpler faster access

Communication when it comes to companies must be quick and easy. The use of chats often helps and brings people closer despite distance or lack of time. But the most important thing is that you can talk to all the members whenever and wherever you want. This is why Google has made this communication feature easier within Calendar, although users are most likely using the usual channels. Of course, word of mouth is paramount, but messaging apps are also an active part of this.


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