Google Chat finally lets you mark messages as unread

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Chat applications have gained a lot of presence in the business world. With more and more people telecommuting, it is normal that teams need a fast and direct communication channel with all members and Google proposed a tool at the time. His is called Chat and now you can mark all messages as unread or read based on what they need.

Put your messages in unread in Chat

Google has a solution for businesses that brings the best of its applications into one place: Workspace. This function allows a team of people to have access to all Google functions and work together and in a coordinated way in the same space. It is as if it were a room designed for one or more computers, but for everything to work not only office applications are needed.

Communication applications are also required and for that it is Googl catse, a function with which you can chat with your colleagues. Its operation is like that of a traditional messaging app, but according to those from Mountain View, a novelty is coming that will help no conversation or anything that is said to be overlooked.

Turns out the big G will soon release a feature that will let you mark messages as unread in Chat. This will help so that if you open a room by mistake and a message that you haven’t really read gets unmarked, put it in this state. In addition, this also serves to remind you that you have a pending conversation or that there is content that you have to pay attention to.

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“Marking a message as unread can help you remember to come back to it later in the chat. In 1: 1 and group direct messages, you can mark a thread as unread from a particular message ”The company has stated in a blog post.

It opens from the contextual menu when selecting a message and can be done from both positions. That is, the first thing that will come out is to mark a message as unread, but otherwise it will let you mark one of those as read when possible. In addition, it works both in the version for smartphones and on PC and will be available in individual and mass chats.


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