Google Chrome will speed up your searches on mobile with its new function

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Every smartphone user knows how important it is to have a browser installed. One of the most widespread is Google Chrome, chosen especially for its speed and above all because it is already installed on Android smartphones. And it is in the version for the operating system the android where you are working in a new feature that will streamline searches.

Faster searches in Google Chrome

One of the things users want from the browsers they use is speed. That each search takes a short time to be carried out and that it takes even less to load the data of the page being visited. The latter may depend on the visits you make to that site, so the most important thing is that you have everything you are looking for in no time.

And this is what Google wants in the future with a few simple adjustments that it will make in the browser for mobile phones. The company has one of the most powerful browsers in the industry, but it wants to make it even easier, more accessible and faster than anything else. To achieve it in mobile platforms have managed to place the results in the application’s address bar.

As you know, if you use Google Chrome, the search box acts as a search engine. This means that anything you want to find on the Internet through Google can be done without entering the search engine page. But the process can be even more streamlined. According to what we see in the video of 9to5Google, What the system does is offer you all the pages that contain that word, matching the results you have in Google with those you have in the search bar.

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The most interesting thing of all is that to achieve this you have to move your finger through the string of encapsulated addresses that you have just below. In this way you can jump from one to another and, as we see in the video to serve as an example, you can jump from one URL to another without losing the search at any time. And not only that, you will not lose the possibility of returning directly to Google to check the rest of the pages that have what you are looking for.

It should be clarified that this feature is in the testing phase and it will be a matter of time before it is integrated into the final version of Chrome for mobile phones.


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