Google could present the Pixel Fold with a folding screen this year

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While the hangover from the presentation of the new iPhone 13 by Apple still lasts, many lights are already pointing to the next launch of Google. And it is that in a few weeks, the giant search engine will be presenting the expected Pixel 6. Two models from which a lot of data has been leaked and that everyone awaits with great enthusiasm, since they will be the first to tell with Android 12.

Also, in the last few days we’ve seen how Google’s new Tensor chip could make it the most powerful Android phones to come. However, to check all this we will still have to wait a little longer.

The Google Pixel Fold would arrive this year 2021

Although the new Pixel 6 is expected to be one of the great sensations of this year 2021, according to a latest leak, everything indicates that Google could pull its last ace from its sleeve before the end of this year. Yes, we refer to the Google Pixel Fold, the folding phone that has already been rumored a lot and that it could arrive much earlier than expected.

The information has been leaked through a post on Twitter showing the smartphones that will arrive with a panel OLED LTPO and its possible release date. In that list appears the Google Pixel Fold and as a possible launch during the last quarter of this year. That is, in a maximum period of approximately two months after the Pixel 6 are released, Google could present the new Pixel Fold. Although it cannot be completely ruled out that Google surprises with the Pixel Fold during the presentation event of the Pixel 6.

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At the moment, Google’s foldable phone is expected to feature a 7.57 inch screen with an ultra-thin glass and of course, Android 12 would be the system in charge of managing all the hardware of this model. Few specifications are known of the Pixel Fold, but the truth is that it seems that Google wants to join the trend of mobile phones with a folding screen, something that Samsung has already clung to strongly with its three generations of folding.

Recall that another of the giants of the world of technology, Microsoft, would also be about to launch the Surface Duo 2, which confirms that Microsoft continues to bet on devices with a folding screen. The truth is that many thought that this could be a passing fad, as has happened on other occasions, but the truth is that if the greats like Samsung, Google or Microsoft bet on it, Everything indicates that they are here to stay.


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