Google: how to recover the cell number of a deleted contact

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Many times we tend to eliminate contacts especially from those people who for almost nothing in the world we talk to. However, in case you talk to said friend, coworker again, about an important issue and you deleted his cell phone number, then you should know this simple trick of Google.

As you know, those users who have an Android device can automatically save the number of all contacts in Google. The platform will store them in the cloud so that they do not occupy a certain space within your device or chip.

If you have not done it yet, you just have to import your entire list of numbers by pressing the option of the three dots, and create a copy in. At that time simply select the place where you want everything to be saved in the cloud.

However, if for some unknown reason you saved someone’s number, but you deleted it as soon as they finished speaking, then you have only one chance to be able to access it and get it back.

To be able to recover a contact deleted from your device Android, you will have to perform these simple steps. It should be noted that you may lose the ones you recently added. So it will depend on each user if they want to do it:

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