Google is removing safe browsing as a ranking factor in the page experience

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Safe browsing as a ranking factor has simply been removed from the page experience. Google no longer evaluates security in its original form. The underlying principle is that website operators are often not responsible for the corresponding problems – for example with hijacking. Then the sides would be punished without that could be changed.

So far, Google has said that browsing security is a factor for the evaluation of pages and thus the order in the search. Further factors are the mobile friendliness, HTTPS preference and no annoying popups as well as the so-called core web vitals, which include the loading speed and stability of a page. About removing the security rating informed Google by announcement about its Search Central. There it says to simplify the Page Experience Report. Website operators can access this in order to check their own values ​​- and to improve them if necessary.

“Today we’re releasing a new version that simplifies the report by removing Safe Browsing and Ad Experience from the Page Experience Report and explaining how to deal with missing data.” While the security systems not only no longer appear in the report, but are also no longer rated, the ad rating should no longer appear in two different places in the Search Console. The Safe Browsing flags can still be found in the Search Console, but no longer within the Page Experience report.

For missing data, the Core Web Vitals and the Page Experience report will in future have exactly the same description: “Currently no data”. According to Google, a bug has also been fixed that caused a “Failing HTTPS” in the report if the data was missing.

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