Google Maps already have their Widgets on iOS

iphone maps

Widgets are very helpful elements for users of a mobile device. They allow you to use applications without having to enter them, as long as you have these features active. The best thing is that Apple users already enjoy this feature on their mobile devices now they can get much more out of Google Maps thanks to its new widget that can be used from the home screen.

The new Maps widget for iOS arrives

IPad and iPhone users have learned how to get the most out of widgets. As you can choose the ones that are most useful to you, you can put anyone on your device. As a rule, all those that are most useful are placed, such as search engines, news sections, calendar reminders or all those that you need to use quickly and accurately.

Among these cases we can cite one of the most important cartographic applications such as Google Maps. Despite the presence of Maps, the Google program continues as one of the most reliable and now has its own widgett. As in many applications, this feature has several functions, so you can choose the one you like the most depending on the space you want it to occupy or the features you need to have on hand.

As it counts Macrumors In its lines, the application has two positions depending on the needs. The first one is more check. It is shaped like a square and It is used to see in your location data such as the opening of stores or the current traffic status. The second, rectangular in shape, has a more defined search function. Inside you will find a search box where you can define your destination, although you can use the other four options to place your arrival point at a gas station, a restaurant, your home or work.

One of the most useful widgets?

Maybe el new Google Maps widget helps you to know all the data related to the trip you want to make. In fact, having this feature from the home screen of your iPhone will be very helpful if you want to completely simplify the entire search process. This feature will be available very soon, so you will only have to download the new version of the Google cartographic app on your iPhone to have it.


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