Google Maps finally adds dark mode on iOS

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Google Maps is one of the leading applications to guide you anywhere you go. It has all the information about the places you move through, what is near your position and it also adjusts to all the needs you have when moving around a city. But not all versions are the same and we say that because there is one for Android devices and another for Apple phones. Today comes news for the latter who finally will enjoy the dark mode in Google Maps for iOS.

Finally the dark mode of Google Maps arrives on your iPhone

Every company that has an application on the market knows that updates should bring improvements for its users. This is obvious, but they don’t always come at the same time for everyone. And this is well known to both iOS and Android users, who see how different companies make their changes to one system and another. Of course, with time they equalize in functions, as is the case with Google Maps that will be better adapted to iPhone.

And is that those of Mountain View have finally put the dark mode for iPhone. This is great news, especially after learning that Android users have been using it without problems for a long time. The activation procedure is very simple since you must go to Settings> Dark Mode> Activated so that the map becomes a darker range.

Two additional bonus features

Google has not missed this opportunity to provide iOS users with new features in Maps. The American company knows that the bitten apple has a great competitor at home and its leadership may be compromised. That is why adding the night mode is not the only novelty that will put its users.

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The other improvements it includes the new version have to do with widgets, where now you can see the traffic status without entering the application. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to leaving home and heading towards your destination if you take the car or any vehicle.

The last option, and not least, is the capacity to share your location in real time with an iMessage user. The Apple messaging application will use Maps to share where you are, as can already be done with Maps or even natively on WhatsApp.


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