Google Maps: How to Activate Dark Mode on iPhone

Google Maps: cómo activar el modo oscuro en iPhone

Designed to alleviate the workload that your eyes must do when viewing the mobile screen in low or no surrounding light conditions, the Dark mode reverses the tones of the screen, turning dark to light, making it easier to see a backlit panel do not cause eye fatigue, or at least reduce it.

Nowadays it is easy to activate it, since if for example you have Android, you can choose the ‘Dark Mode’ in the application you are using, or that it is the operating system itself that applies it on this and all of them. Even in Google Maps, an app that has had this option for months. But iOS users didn’t have it, at least until literally 3 days ago.

Activate Google Maps dark mode on iPhone

At the beginning of the week we told you about several new features that Google Maps has implemented in the Apple mobile version of its application. And among them was the dark way ‘, which will have a staggered premiere in “The following weeks” -which means that you may have that novelty already installed, or the weekend will come, on Monday or in September.


To activate it, do the following:

  1. Go to the Google Maps Settings
  2. Search among the functions that will be listed for the new one ‘Dark Way’
  3. Tap on dark mode and select “Activated”

With this, you will activate the dark mode and you will be able to give your eyes a break, as well as contribute to increasing the battery life of your iPhone.


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