Google Maps: how to activate the dark mode in iOS

Google Maps: how to activate the dark mode in iOS

What many users were waiting for. Google Maps finally presented in the App Store a new update for mobiles with Apple’s iOS operating system, where the novelty focuses on the implementation of dark mode, something that was only available on Android phones. Do you want to know how to activate it? Keep reading this note.

There is a great variety of applications that offer route services by map to reach a place that is not yet known, but without a doubt, the best known of all is Google Maps, and this platform has been created by Mountain View developers themselves. The referred application not only gives you visual indications, it is also capable of guiding you by voice so that you go to the right, left, forward or backward.

A couple of days ago, Google spread a news through its blog, where it reported that from now on iOS (iPhone) users will be able to enjoy the dark mode on Google Maps. As you remember, this tool arrived in February of this year and was only available on Android, the operating system belonging to the company of the great ‘G’.

The dark mode is very useful in many occasions, such as: when you are in places where there is a lot of sun and you cannot see the cell phone screen, or to avoid the light of the equipment when you have the maximum brightness. Next we will show you all the steps to activate it.

Also, in this update Google Maps released a tool that will allow you to share the location in real time from messages. Inside this SMS tool you will find the Google Maps button, you just have to touch it and the location will be shared automatically for one hour and with the possibility of extending it up to 3 days.

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Recently Google Maps added a new tool that will alert you if a bus or stop is crowded with people, this in order to avoid the contagion and spread of COVID-19, it is also useful for you to decide on an alternative route. Know all the details of this tool in the following note.

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