Google Maps: How to check real-time traffic and see if there are traffic jams

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Although we are still in a global pandemic and there are many measures to comply with, we are also in the middle of summer. And today, July 15, with the change of fortnight, those who have gone on vacation return, and those who were working go away from cows.

Check the traffic in Real Time on Google Maps

That means a lot of movement on the roads, and as a consequence, areas in which there are traffic jams, retentions and other things that force you to be inside the car waiting and bitter because the queue does not move forward.

Can this be prevented? You can, because Google Maps has a couple of very useful functions that will tell you how the route you want to do is, and even the best time to go and the worst time to try it.

The Traffic Layer

Whether you are using Google Maps in its mobile application or in its version for computers, do the following:

  1. Abre Google Maps
  2. Search the destination you want to travel to, or the area you want to move through
  3. If you are on mobile, look for the Layers icon in the upper right -within the map itself-, if you are on a computer, in the lower left corner.
  4. Activate the layer called ‘Traffic’
  5. Now you will see how a series of colored lines they have gotten in the way. According to its color, you will know the state of the traffic in real time, going from green (fluid) until the red (major holds)
  6. As we see in the capture, the same area can present different colors, being in some parts without retentions and just before or after, with moderate or severe traffic jams.

A certain route

  1. Abre Google Maps
  2. Set the route you want to follow, marking your departure point and destination
  3. When Maps calculates the route and shows it to you, the results screen also shows youwill indicate in different colors what happens at that moment on that route: From traffic jams to accidents, construction sites, etc.

The best time to travel

Within that same result screen when calculating a route, if you slide up you will see a timeline appear that indicates these same data of traffic jams or accidents, but in a timeline that will inform you when is usually the best time to travel that route and when not. to


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