Google Maps: how to create the shortcut for one or more routes

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When you don’t know how to get to a certain place, you immediately resort to Google Maps, that application that guides you through a map to take you to your destination. This platform can also guide you by voice, for example, it tells you to go right, left or straight ahead; It also has different tools such as: to notify you if the bus is full, to store all the places you have visited in a day, to calculate the distance between two points, etc.

If there is a specific place where you always go, then this trick that we will teach you next will be very useful for you, since you will not waste more time writing the same address every day because you will have it saved as a direct access in the screen of your cell phone.

This can help you on occasions where you want to quickly see which alternative route to take when there is too much traffic. It will not be necessary to install additional applications and it will only work on mobiles with Android operating system.

Recently Google Maps added a new tool that will alert you if a bus or stop is crowded with people, this in order to avoid the contagion and spread of COVID-19, it is also useful for you to decide on an alternative route. Know all the details of this tool in the following note.

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