Google Maps will add a new layer to show you if there are active fires in your area

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Getting lost in a city or any road in the world is almost impossible if you have Google Maps installed on your smartphone. You just have to set your destination point and let yourself be guided, as simple as that. But there are many functions that you do not know thanks to the interactive and personalized maps, in addition to the new ones that Google is about to launch. And it is that very soon we will see the new layer of Google Maps called Fires.

A new layer of Maps is coming

This summer we have suffered in our country a new wave of fires that have destroyed many hectares of land. Luckily, the security services help prevent the fire from spreading so quickly and try to put it out as quickly as possible. This also happens in many areas of the globe, where they not only fight against it but also find a way to provide fast and reliable information on the most affected points.

Of course, the news services take care of this constantly, but Google wants to do its bit. Will do it thanks to a new layer of Google Maps called Fires. It may be that in the near future you will see when you click on the layer section an extra one with this function, whose objective is to mark the areas where there is an active fire so that everyone who is nearby is careful.

According to what counts ArsTechnica In its lines, the function will be updated every hour, which will help users to be aware of everything that happens with the evolution of each active front. For now this feature will be available in the United States, coinciding with a time when fires are frequent in the western part of the continent as well as in Australia. In fact, it will be on this island where it will be integrated in the coming months.

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A new extra layer to consult

The new layer of ‘Fires’ of Google Maps may remain for the moment on the other side of the pond and it will do so with data from the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC). It will be a matter of time before this feature expands to other countries, but for now it is a function that can be further polished. Recall that last year it already launched its map of information on the incidence of COVID-19, which made many get an idea of ​​the progress of the pandemic when the number of infected was only increasing.


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