Google Maps will tell you what tolls cost and pay for parking

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Google Maps is becoming an increasingly efficient tool for all those who travel. And not only for those who travel, but also for those who need to go somewhere in their town and do not know the area, for example. But in the house of Google they continue working in order to increase their services and that is what they will achieve when Maps tell you how much tolls cost or you can pay for your parking.

Find out about the toll price before you arrive

It is a fact that driving on the road is not entirely free. Some of the tracks on which they circulate are paid and in some cases it is worth paying to circulate on them. Now, the payment varies depending on many variables such as the section you are driving on or the type of car you are driving. Whatever the parameter or parameters chosen, in the future Google Maps will tell you how much you have to pay for the toll you are driving through.

This information is most useful since if you make a budget of what a trip costs you, you should also know the expenses that you will surely have to face. Until now, the application’s filters helped you control the areas you passed through, whether or not they had tolls, ferries or you could avoid the passage on a highway, but now the decision is not only more important, but also more enlightening. time to scratch your pocket. Of course, keep in mind that many of these payment routes represent a significant price saving, but in contrast it represents an increase in arrival time.

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Pay for transportation from Maps

The other novelty that Google plans to launch for its Google Maps users has to do with paying for transportation or parking. This is very interesting for users, who will have the support of a platform to be guided at all times by a place and will also be able to pay for all trips thanks to Google Pay. According to what counts TheNextWeb In its lines, the Mountain View company has partnered with other firms to make it easier to carry out procedures from the cartographic app.

It is looking for the possibility for the user to buy train tickets or rent transport such as skates in the city or, in the case of traveling by car, to have the possibility of paying for your parking depending on the time you need and all without leaving the application itself. .


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