Google Meet adds filters and AR masks to your video calls from your mobile

gogole meet filter

In the last year we have seen many people move their office booth to their homes. This has meant that more than one has invested more in the furniture in their home or even in technology. And this is where all the new computers or terminals that many have bought to have their home office come in. All of them have applications to arrange mass meetings such as Google Meet, where they have now put new filters and AR masks.

New filters for Google Meet

One of the essential tools to work in the last year have been computers, mobiles and tablets. But these have not been the only requirements to go to class or a meeting in the last year without leaving home. Office applications have been very key for this, but above all they have been those with which you can communicate with more people.

Yes, Skype or WhatsApp may have had something to do with it, but in the field of productivity we find other more specific ones. One of them has been Google Meet, which in addition to being free if you have a Google account also accepted multiple users. Until now the firm had been limited to the most functional part of its application, but it seems that the time has come to add some extras to the iOS and Android versions.

It turns out that the Mountain View company has published a tweet in which it verified the arrival of news to Google Meet, specifically filters and AR masks that come as inheritance from Duo. In the filters section we find functions that change the behavior of the image with different aspects. On the other hand, AR masks are those filters that scan your face and put in front a three-dimensional model with which you can interact. In the video we see a mask of a dinosaur, which moves with you even when you move your mouth. Of course, their appearance is more cartoonish rather than realistic, so you can use them for informal meetings.

Made for phones

The feature you need to use these new Google Meet filters it is simply to use the app for your smartphone or tablet. At the bottom of your screen you will have access to all the available options, where you only have to choose the one you want to wear or change for your friends to see.


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