Google Meet: the trick to using a whiteboard during video calls

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Google Meet: the trick to using a whiteboard during video calls

The COVID-19 pandemic made many people get used to the new normal, the one where you still have to take virtual classes, work from home, virtual visits or birthdays with your friends and family, etc .; therefore, the video call application developed by Alphabet Inc., Google Meet, has been adding new functions to its platform to provide a better user experience. This time we will teach you a trick so that you can use the job board in the aforementioned application.

Google Meet is doing everything possible so that users can feel as close to real life; Likewise, the Google video calling app has completely changed its business approach to a more casual one, this is evidenced after the developers added animated filters to the platform.

Did you know Google Meet does it have a function to use a whiteboard or tablet during video calls? Something like a real blackboard from a school or other educational institution. “(The Jamboard tool) is a virtual dry erase board where you can discuss ideas live with other users,” said Google through its .

It is important to clarify that the Jamboard can only be opened if you have entered the video call from a computer or laptop, it means that if you are from your mobile or tablet and receive the link from the board, it will automatically redirect you to the Jamboard app .

Finally, Google recalled through its portal that to access the benefits offered by a Jamboard within the video call, it is necessary to “have been invited to said meeting through the calendar, in addition to being part of the same organization as the person I create. the blackboard”.

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