Google Officially Unveils New Pixel Fold

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Google Pixel Fold: The Future Foldable Phone

Google has been teasing us with its hardware and software for some time now. On May 10th, the company has one of the most awaited appointments of the year where the public will see all the features of the Google Pixel Fold. This is one of the most compelling foldable phones in the market, and it has come as a surprise as Google seemed to be one of the last to enter this segment.

The Final Design

In a video that was released recently, Google officially unveiled the design of the Google Pixel Fold. This video was released with the phrase “may de Fold be with you,” referring to Star Wars Day. The foldable phone has an elegant and premium design that rivals its competitors.

The Google Pixel Fold has a unique hinge and beveled and metallic edges that give it a brilliant terminal look that stands out from the rest. The phone comes with a new rectangular encapsulation where the cameras are placed in a two-lens arrangement along with one separately, unlike the latest generation Pixel models. The phone has a generous internal screen extending the software design that the Pixel 7 left us. The space is distributed to put more widgets and information on the screen.

In one last shot, we could also see the front screen, but without much detail beyond the information it can provide. The phone has a fingerprint reader located under the screen to unlock the terminal.

The Presentation Date

The Google Pixel Fold’s presentation date coincides with Google I/O, the company’s developer fair, where we will have more news about Bard. Bard is a generative AI that the company has developed to rival ChatGPT and Bing.

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For those who are interested in purchasing the Google Pixel Fold, mark your calendars for May 10th. You don’t want to miss out on this foldable phone that could change the way we view phones.

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