Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: price, specifications and release date

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Google has accustomed us that its mobile devices and news also deserve a special event. However, it seems that this has not been the case for the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro that the company has already shared through its official Twitter account in great detail. We tell you how are the new Google proposals for the year 2021 that aim to compete with the big brands once again.

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, so they are on the outside

By surpriseThus we have known the first details of the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, one of the terminals from which more information moves throughout the year and the new Google proprietary smartphones.

On this occasion, Google has opted for its own avant-garde design: The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro present new materials and finishes, such as the light polished aluminum frame of the Pro and the matte aluminum finish of the 6. On the front we find a generous display of 6.4 inches and 90 hertz refresh rate on a Full HD + resolution AMOLED screen with an 8 MPX selfie lens. In the case of the Pro version, we will have a 6.71-inch OLED screen with 120 Hz and a 12 MPX front camera.

Chamber Bar

Behind himThe new Pixel 6 where we see a novelty. Both have a rectangular package that occupies the entire upper part of the device, abandoning the square design that we have seen not only in its predecessor but in many rival devices. Here we find the new camera, occupying what Google calls the camera bar.

The Pixel 6 mounts a module consisting of up to three cameras: two 50 megapixels in the main and a 12 MPX wide angle. The Google Pixel 6 Pro mounts the same cameras by adding a 4x telephoto lens.

The first with the Google Tensor chip

We are at a time when each mobile manufacturer wants to do things on their own. And in the house of the Mountain View they have taken the step in a very important characteristic. And is that the series Google Pixel 6 is the first to incorporate the Google Tensor SoC.

This is the first SoC (System on a Chip, a chip made up of multiple components that make up a complete system) made by Google of which it has not been clarified whether or not it will bring 5G connectivity, but it will be tailored to the users of the Android system which, by the way, It will come with Android 12 built-in as standard. As for the rest of its internal characteristics, no more details have been shown, so we will have to wait to know them.


When will the Google Pixel 6 become official?

At last we know some details of the Google Pixel 6, but there are still many things to be revealed and the rest of the specifications. The time will be at the end of the year and will be available in three color combinations for each model. As for the price, this will be determined by the capacity of its space and the RAM, two details that still remain to be known.

This first contact today has served to show the renewed appearance of the Pixel range, cameras, design and a dimension of the SoC Tensor. But we still have to wait a bit for Google to fully present its new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro “by the end of the year“.


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