Google Play Services Update to Remove Mobile Contacts

Google’s Measures to Prevent Harm

For a while now, Google has been working on a bunch of changes that users may lose out on. However, the good news is that the firm’s measures will be effective within a reasonable time. Users can use this time to prevent anything from being harmful.

A Major Problem: Google Could Delete Your Contacts

The problem we are presenting is that Google may delete your mobile contacts. Google services can be the cause of deleting mobile contacts. Google previously announced a massive deletion of Gmail accounts. But now, what is in danger are the contacts on your mobile. An update to Google Play services could result in a deletion of the phone numbers stored in your terminal.

The Unfair Decision That Causes This Problem

The reason behind this decision might seem to be very unfair to users, especially the phone user himself. It might occur because users do not accept the use of cloud synchronization. But today, adding someone to your calendar stores it in your Google account that is on the Internet and has been associated with your phone.

How to Save and Prevent Google from Deleting Your Contacts

To prevent Google from deleting your contacts, you need to synchronize your account. The version of Google Play Services is usually updated automatically. The version that will delete contacts is version 23.20.

To check your version, go to the Applications section within settings and search for the app. From there, go to your Google account and synchronize the contacts. Go to the Contacts Synchronization settings and activate the automatic synchronization function. This simple procedure will help you preserve all your contacts and only lasts a few minutes.

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