Google Search launches a function to tune your guitar

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One of the things that every musician always needs is a tuner. Be it a violin, a piano or a harp, all the strings must be well tensioned to give the correct note. Luckily or unfortunately you can’t always carry one by hand, especially when they give you a guitar that is not yours and you don’t know if the tuning is correct. That is why you will have to download an app or use the new Google Search function to tune your guitar.

Your tuner always with you

When you have a guitar you will always need to have a tuner nearby, or at least in the backpack where you carry it. It’s like that peripheral you leave home without because you always use it with your mobile, but much more useful and indispensable as far as artistic life is concerned. Luckily, there are many and very good applications that help you in this work and that they are also free for iOS and Android users. Of course, you must give the application permissions to use the microphone and work.

But maybe in the future you can save a few megabytes of space because you no longer need that third-party app. It turns out that the Mountain View people are working to put a tuner for your instrument in the Google Search app. By putting Instrument Tuner or tuner you will have access to this feature that works the same as the rest.

In case you don’t know, the tuner is a very simple tool that tells you if you have to tighten more or less the slope you are pressing. You must continuously play each string, each one separately, and see how the level goes. If the level is on the left side it means that you have to tighten more, but if it is on the right side you will have to loosen the peg. You will reach the exact note the moment the central green arrow appears, where the application considers that the sound is perfect with the note you play.

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The application recognizes the instrument automatically and has the peculiarity that it is available both in desktop version and on your mobile, so if you are practicing anywhere or you are going to record a demo, you will always have it close by.


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