Google Stadia comes to LG WebOS TVs

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Google Stadia adds a new platform where its users can access without the need for a Chromecast Ultra. LG TVs with WebOS operating system they already have the native application. You will find it for free in the LG Content Store, after pressing the Home button on your remote.

Google Stadia, now available on WebOS

The application requires a download of at least 112 MB and will only be available on panels that have the WebOS version 5.0 or 6.0. This requirement screens a large number of patterns. Those marketed by the manufacturer before 2020 will not be able to use the application.

Whether you have an official remote or any with Bluetooth compatibility, link it with your TV and go to the app after installing it. Requires a Google account to start playing. Once inside you have several options: buy games to use with the basic mode (up to 1080p) or subscribe to Stadia Pro.

Stadia Pro allows you to access a catalog of games at no additional cost that rotates on a monthly basis. It works in a similar way to PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold promotions. Once redeemed, they will remain linked to your account, and you will be able to play them as long as you have an active subscription. In addition, exclusive discounts are included. The most important thing about this mode is the possibility of playing with up to 4K resolution, with 5.1 surround sound and HDR to your entire catalog.

Google Stadia Pro games in December 2021

The company has already published the list of games that are part of the subscription during the last month of 2021. A total of 6 games make up the list during the following periods.

  • TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS – Available December 1

  • Wreckfest – Available from December 1

  • Destroy All Humans – Available December 1

  • The Falconeer: Warrior Edition – Available December 1

  • Foreclosed – Available from December 1

  • Unto the End – Available from December 10

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