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Google Stadia denies rumors about its supposed closure

The cloud gaming platform has been on a tightrope since Google decided to dispense with its internal studies.

Google Stadia has mutated, it is no longer the same platform it was when it was announced years ago. The American giant invested in studios and its own games, but the project took a different turn when the company made the decision to turn off the tap to its own production. Rumors have recently resurfaced that Stadia’s days are numbered. However, the company has denied on Twitter that they are going to close.

“Stadia is not going to close. Rest assured, we’re working to deliver more great games on the platform and on Stadia Pro. Let us know if you have any other questions.” It’s not the first time Google has come out on top of the rumors. Speaking to GamesIndustry, chief marketing officer Nate Ahearn stated that Stadia is “safe and sound.” At that time, they defended their alliances with third parties to launch products for their service.

The closure of the studies, a point and apart

It all happened suddenly. Stadia closed its two studios of its own and announced the departure of Jade Raymond, who until then had served as vice president. This move affected more than 150 employees, although the company said many of them would be relocated to other positions. Without its own production, Google depends on agreements with third parties. It should be noted that the platform does not work like an Xbox Game Pass, but is rather a store that runs games in the cloud.

Google Stadia has a paid subscription (Stadia Pro) with which players can get various advantages, such as the possibility of receiving free games every month. These are the six of this month of August 2022:

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