Google will no longer sell the Google Home Mini speaker

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Home automation is a present in expansion. There are many companies that launch their own hub in order to bring together all the smart devices in the house in one place and from which to give concise and direct orders. It is precisely these smart speakers and screens that are capable of providing this service, but it must be borne in mind that there are already many on the market. And this is what is happening to Google, since it seems that at last has stopped selling its Home Mini device.

Google will stop selling the first version of its smart speaker

Google is one of the most pioneering companies in the field of artificial intelligence. The company has already demonstrated more than once what it is capable of in this field, in addition to how important the convenience it provides to users who have one or more smart devices is for them. However, the company has made a very important decision for one of the most prominent devices in its store.

We talk about Google Home Mini, a smart speaker that debuted the Mountain View firm in this market. The device has been present for a long time in the company’s store, but everything indicates that we will not see it at least in the official Google store anymore.

And it is that as they count in AndroidPolice, the Google Mini is no longer available in the Google Store. And it is that the moment was already taking in coming, especially if we have to consider that there are different and very similar devices on the company’s website. Remember that now the Nest Mini 2 is on the market, which works very effectively thanks to all the improvements that have come from its predecessor.

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In addition, its price is very low, so you can have a smart speaker for very little if we compare it with the rest of the devices of the same family. It would not be strange to see it this Christmas as a possible candidate to give away for the Three Wise Men, since if you are looking for the first version of the device you will not find it no matter how much you look.


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