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If you are into Canadian folk music, the name Gordon Lightfoot should not sound alien to you. Gordon Lightfoot was best known for his folk hits, including Sundown and If You Could Read My Mind. With a celebrated career of many decades, the great singer passed away in May 2023 at 84. The news of his demise was shared in the media by his family on his official Facebook account. The singer died of natural causes at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. Unfortunately, the news came less than a month after the singer canceled his 2023 concert tour in the US over health-related issues. 

Despite his sad demise, Lightfoot lives in the hearts of millions of fans through his music. He has had a prolific career as a musician. Throughout his journey as a singer, he sang great songs and even recorded numbers with several legends of the industry, such as Neil Young, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Buffett, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and more. 

While his professional life was immensely successful, Lightfoot’s personal life had its own ups and downs. He married thrice in his lifetime and had fathered many children. 

This article talks about the spouses of Gordon Lightfoot. Read it till the end to find out. 

Lightfoot’s First Wife – Brita Ingegerd Olaisson 

Gordon Lightfoot first married Swedish-born Brita Ingegard Olaisson. Their marriage took place in April 1963. The two met while the former was touring, and they fell in love. However, the love between them didn’t last long, and the two decided to part ways after ten years of marriage. As per Gordon’s official Wikipedia page, the reason for parting ways between the two was Gordon’s infidelity towards his wife. Other sources report there were difficulties because of the long-distance relationship, as Gordon had to travel frequently because of his music concerts. In the course of their marriage, the couple welcomed two children. 

Lightfoot’s Second Wife – Elizabeth Moon 

The singer didn’t hesitate in marrying for the second time. The musical legend went over a decade and a half before deciding to marry next. During the interim, he had several relations and became a father to two more children. 

Lightfoot married for the second time in 1989. His second spouse was Elizabeth Moon. Together, the couple welcomed two more children. This time, Lightfoot’s new marriage was longer than his first. However, destiny had some other plans for the singer. It shocked his fans to learn that he was not with his second wife anymore, and the couple divorced in 2011. Per some reports, Elizabeth and Gordon had already been separated for nine years before their official divorce on papers. 

Lightfoot’s Third Wife – Kim Hasse 

After parting ways with his second spouse, Gordon married for the third time in 2014. His third spouse was Kim Hasse. This time, Gordon didn’t want to share too many details about his personal life with the media. So, he decided to maintain his privacy. Reportedly, the two remained together, and he was survived by her when he died in the month of May 2023. 

How Many Children Did Gordon Have?

In his lifetime of three marriages and several affairs, Gordon Lightfoot became the father of six children. He shared two children – Fred and Ingrid Lightfoot with his first wife. Afterward, the singer welcomed two more children – Gaylen McGee and Eric Lightfoot, both from different relationships. In his second marriage, Gordon fathered two more kids – Meredith Moon and Miles Lightfoot. However, he did not have any children from his third marriage. 

Like all their mothers, Gordon’s children, too, have stayed away from the media spotlight. 

Gordon Lightfoot’s Documentary 

In 2020, a documentary based on the legendary singer’s life was released. Titled as Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind, the documentary features instances and anecdotes from his professional and personal life. In it, he was found saying that he was disturbed because hardly anyone had a bad word to say about him. 

Gordon Lightfoot has also been mentioned as an icon by many. On being labeled as an icon, he said he did not really like the label and often wonders why he was called such, as he doesn’t really himself that way. As per him, he was a professional musician who works with professional people, and that’s how they get through life. 

Gordon Lightfoot – Achievements and Recognitions 

No wonder, Gordon Lightfoot has had a celebrated career. Throughout his stint as a musician, he has received several awards and recognitions. 

  • In 1986, he was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. 
  • Gordon Lightfoot received 13 JUNO awards out of 29 nominations from the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. 
  • He was awarded one of the highest civilian honors in his country, the Companion of the Order of Canada, in 2003. 

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