Gossip Girl: is the reboot better than the original version?

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After nine years of silence, Gossip Girl reopened his blog to now torment Generation Z in a reboot premiered by HBO Max. On July 8, the new version of the iconic teen drama series hit the digital platform with the same essence in its plot, but with characters and a totally different story.


With the first, of his six episodes scheduled through August 12, Gossip Girl caused all kinds of reactions in the industry. And, the first to speak out were his fans, who filled social networks with memes since, the first chapter, also mentions the iconic Serena, Blair, Nate and Chuck from the original version.

Likewise, those who have already been able to see the complete season of this reboot were the specialized critics and, many of them, have given their opinion on the matter. According to what they commented, those who know so much about the original version of Gossip Girl Like the new episodes, they were divided into two: those that saw a notable renewal of the format with new faces and those that assure that it is completely empty inside.

Critical opinions:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Gossip Girl’s reboot on HBO Max is a mild reboot of the soap opera beats of the original series and a somewhat perplexing, yet somewhat ambitious revision of the premise that the series is not fully prepared for.”. On the other hand, the portal mentions that “This remake just feels dated, a humble attempt to keep up with shows like Generation or Elite.”.

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Following the opinion of The Hollywood Reporter, Vulture was added: “much of the new Gossip Girl is a familiar reworking of her predecessor’s tropes and interests. And yet it also wants to be a revolution and thinks it has to be“, They wrote and then added:”is fundamentally hollow at its center, frivolous and frothy, dotted with sequins and infidelities and students who covet their teachers”.

However, Decider’s criticism is far from what the previous media offered. “Gossip Girl 2.0 isn’t a perfect replica of what made the original so appealing, but it has the potential to get there.“, They commented and, to close, they assured:”there’s a chance i’ll catch something great one more time”.

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