Gotham Knights developer is working on a new AAA game

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It looks like WB Montreal is working on a new AAA game. The news emerged from a job posting by the company.

Gotham Knights developer is about to complete the Batman co-op action game right now. But PCGamesNThey posted a job posting revealing what they’re going to do for their next project.

Senior Gameplay / Animation Programmer posting On WB Games Montreal’s website published. “We are looking for talented people to work with the new AAA game development team,” the ad says. Optimizing “cross-platform gameplay systems” is among the tasks of successful candidates. “NPC behavior” is also seen as another item.

According to PCGamesN, the studio’s website states that WB Games Montreal is focused on games that will expand the DC universe in an interactive way. While that doesn’t mean they won’t be releasing any new games, it would be a big surprise if the studio switches to non-DC AAA titles.

It was rumored for a long time that the studio was working on a Superman game. Images of the canceled game also leaked in April 2020. According to this announcement, WB Montreal may not do it again, and the new game may be a DC game outside of the Batman universe.

All sorts of pre-game Gotham Knights will be released in this new AAA game. The game was delayed to 2022 this year “to give players the best experience”.

By Jordan Oloman.

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